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Black Flowers: True or False?

What kinds of black flowers exist?

Many years of selective work of gardeners periodically led to success and the darkest hybrids appeared, but the results weren’t stable. Currently there are flowers of dark maroon and deep purple colors which are considered to be black. Most common dark color flowers found in gardens are the following:

  • roses;
  • tulips;
  • mallows.

They do not surprise anyone anymore. If you are interested in more exotic options, this article will give you the necessary information.

Black Flowers: True or False?
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‘Black Pearl’ Lily

This flower really has a very deep and nice maroon color and looks really black against its ‘relatives’. The lily seems to be velvet, and it will surely decorate any garden. Not everyone knows of their existence, and the lilies can be found not very often. But you can always order the miracle in a good flower shop.


The petunia has yellow stripes diverging along its dark purple petals like the rays of light. This plant is extremely beautiful and bright. Its contrasts attract attention and make it very noticeable on the background of green foliage. And don’t forget about gorgeous sweet and delicate scent of petunias that fills evenings with romance.

Black Flowers: True or False?
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Fritillária camschatcénsis

This flower, fairly simple in form, is very beautiful and unusual. Even being almost black it lives up to its name (hazel hen in Russian) — in good light one can see small spots on its petals. Even though it’s quite rare the plant is rather unpretentious. It can be found in many flower shops, but one should search for darker shades.


Violets are always perfect, no matter what color they are. This flower combines tenderness and beauty, and the combination is fascinating. This is a house plant requiring special attention and care. The black violets are rare but existing. They look like outlandish velvet eyes with yellow pupils.

Black Flowers: True or False?
See photos in full size

One can find a lot of photos of black flowers on the Internet, but it is important to understand that on the pictures they look darker and more contrasting. Do not expect the same look from real tulips, roses and so on. However, dark real flowers should be appreciated for theirs ingularity and uniqueness. Black flowers can be bought in many flower shops, but some of them are more common and the others are really rare.

Last updated: 2014-09-23
Section: News
Author: 51ROZA.kiev.ua
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