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Flowers & Celebrities

There are things equally attractive for every human being, not matter of age, status, origin, education or any other social characteristic. No one can stay indifferent to starry sky, sea waves sweeping sandy coasts or bright orange sparks of fire. And what about flowers? These amazing gifts of nature will never stop pleasing people, especially women, no matter how versed they are.

A bouquet of flowers is a universal gesture of admiration to the person it’s given to. And this might be a reason of why famous actors, singers and other celebrities receive flowers so often — flowers as a gist symbolize love and recognition from their fans. Would you like to know more about favorite flowers of some celebrities?

Stars and Flowers 

Lilies of the valley were the favorite flowers of Audrey Hepburn. Small and delicate, with their indescribable flavor that cannot be confused with any other, they mean reliability in the language of flowers. This remarkably coincides with personality of the actresses: Audrey was a very strong person even though her beauty was so fragile.

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Scarlett Johansson mentioned in one of her interviews that she loves to decorate her home with freshly-cut flowers. Her favorites are lilies and white roses. The actress finds them kind of calming and soothing. Which is not surprising: white rose is a unique symbol of virtue, devotion and humility. Scarlett also enjoys the fragrance of freesias — in her mind is it associated with a homey feel.

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Angelina Jolie prefers orchids. What is interesting is the fact that the flowers looking so exotic symbolize diligence. And this is the word that comes to a mind when you think about the life of this incredible woman, her career, her family and social activities. This is diligence that helped her succeed. By the way, orchids also were favorite flowers of legendary Marilyn Monroe.

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Bright, showy, flamboyant divas such as Monica Bellucci and Meryl Streep choose red roses — the symbol of true love. And looking at them it's hard to imagine another — less proud and majestic —flower that would suit them more.

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Edith Piaf used to be a big fan of chrysanthemum.This flower with its aroma of light bitterness of autumn became a symbol of truth. 

Perhaps female beauty will always be associated with flowers — this can be proven by numerous photos in all the magazines. And celebrities will always be associated with the gifts of nature, too — because both are beautiful, have bright personality and tendency tobe admired. And no matter how they end their life — in our memory they will remain forever blooming!

Last updated: 2014-08-29
Section: News
Author: 51ROZA.kiev.ua
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