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Delivery to Kiev

Delivery terms on 7, 8, 9th of March

Due to high occupancy on these dates, please review the delivery terms below:
  1. Time intervals:
    For orders to Kiev and Ukraine you can choose only one of the following time options:
    - from 6AM to 9AM
    - from 9AM to 6PM
    - from 7PM to 11PM
    All international orders will be delivered during the day – from 8AM to 11PM.
  2. Call to the recipient
    Please be sure to put the phone number of the recipient. The absence of a telephone number can affect the order delivery. We reserve the right to call recipients in advance to verify the address and agree the time of delivery. If we cannot contact the recipient, there is a possibility that the delivery will be rescheduled to the next day.
  3. Photo
    On these dates photo is not guaranteed and can be may not be done even if you asked to take photo in comments or added the item with this service to the cart.
  4. Order status
    For any information of your order, please provide the order number. The status of the order can be checked in your account or at the website in field ‘Order tracking’.
  5. Delivery to business address
    If the recipient cannot meet the courier at the reception or is absent at the given address in specified time, we reserve the right to leave the order with the recipient’s colleagues.
  6. Flowers replacement
    In case of lack of any flowers or items we contact the customer for approval of replacement. If it’s impossible to agree the change (no connection or big time difference) we reserve the right to make items change according to the same price and value.
  7. Delivery to small cities and suburbs
    Delivery of the orders, made on March, 8 after 12PM to small cities and villages, can be rescheduled to March, 9.
  8. Change of the order details
    After March, 7 in all orders, made for March,8 any changes in address, items or text cards are unavailable.

Flower Delivery to Kiev, Ukraine and the world

• The exact delivery time is not guaranteed and is can be accepted as a wish.
• After the payment of your order you need to contact the manager to confirm payment.
• Changes are not accepted, if the order has the status "Printed", "Given away to the florist," "Bouquet is ready", "Given away to the courier", "Accepted by executor". • Your own gifts and cards for the orders in Kiev are possible to leave only at the address: Konstantinovskaya str. 56A .
• In the case of ordering the delivery to Ukraine - personal gifts are not accepted.
• If the order has no flower production, delivery cost - 80 UAH.
• We can phone to the recipient, if we have some difficulties with the delivery address specified in the order. In these days the delivery in the way of "surprise" is not performed.
• We reserve the right to replace the individual flowers on the equivalent value, without compromising the integrity of the composition.

Delivery to Kiev

Delivery to Kiev

Delivery cost:
Flower delivery to Kiev is for free .
Delivery to: Koncha-Zaspa, Puscha-Voditsa, Kotsyubinskoe, Chayki, Sofievskaya Borschagovka, Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka, Novoselki, Pogrebyi, Bortnichi - 80 UAH. Minimum order price to Kiev - 600 UAH .
Delivery of the order, which does not include floral products (potted plants and live butterflies are not the floral products) — 80 UAH .
The cost ot the night delivery (from 8 PM to 10 AM*) is 80 UAH (in addition to the basic cost of delivery).

Delivery time:
Usually all deliveries are between 10 AM — 8 PM*, another time should be agreed with manager. Night delivery is not guaranteed.
Delivery till 12 PM* of the next day can be done if you make order till 6 PM* of the previous day, otherwise delivery will be proceed between 12 — 19 PM* of the next day.
Terms of order delivery is 4 hours from the moment of payment. Some of bouquets we can deliver within 2 hours. Urgent delivery should be agreed with managers.
Orders «for today» are accepted until 6 PM*.

Call before delivery:
We reserve the right to call the recipient before delivery. In this case we don't specify the items to be delivered and the sender's name, so surprise is remained.

* by local time in Kiev, Ukraine

Flowers around the world
Be sure to read the rules for delivery of the CIS and the World

→ Delivery cost:
To find out the cost of delivery to the World countries click here and start typing the name of the city of delivery.
Night delivery (8 PM - 10 AM*), as well as delivery of the non-flower orders is not possible

→ Delivery time:
The speed of the order delivery is 2 days from the moment of payment. Urgent delivery must be agreed with managers.
Same day delivery is available to Europe, Africa, North and South America. Such orders must be placed till 11:00 by Kiev.
Orders to Asia, Australia and Oceania should be placed 2 days before.
International delivery is possible from Monday to Saturday. Delivery on Sundays is not guaranteed and can be moved to Monday.

* by local time in Kiev, Ukraine

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