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Traveling Around Largest Flower Plantations

Magic and miracles are round the corner — just take a look around! However, there are adventurers always ready to go to another country or even on the other side of the world to enjoy a different view or piece of nature. The largest flower plantations are surely among the sightseeing attractions worth of touristic interests — they look terrific! Their vivid colors and sweet aromas can give anyone unspeakable emotions and sensations. See them once — and the memories of the atmosphere of blooming marvel will stay with you forever.

Keukenhof: Pride Spirit of Netherlands

Traveling Around Largest Flower Plantations
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Keukenhof also called The Garden of Europe will give you esthetic delight and pleasure. The park is situated practically on the coast of a small town Lisse. Its relatively small territory of 32 hectares is covered with numerous flowers: around 5 billion tulips of different kinds, unconceivable number of orchids, narcissi, roses and lilacs blossom here every year.

Ideal time for visiting Keukenhof is April when a parade representing combinations of different kinds of flowers is held in the park.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Traveling Around Largest Flower Plantations
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It’s a real paradise on the desert landscape of Dubai Emirate. Floral plantings of the garden thrill imagination. Here not only flowerbeds but also trees get the most fantastic forms.

One of the maingarden plants is petunia. Along with it you can see calendula, lobelia, geraniums, marigolds andmany other flowers.

The Miracle Garden is a new attraction (it was open on February 14, 2013) but it managed to become one of the biggest parks of the world. It even got world famous thanks to one of its showpieces — giant flower clock that was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Provence: Dream of All Lovers

Traveling Around Largest Flower Plantations
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We are sure that everyone heard about the lavender fields of Provence. Magic of the lilac-purple flowers lures and attracts romantics and just connoisseurs of beauty and grace of nature.

To enjoy the waves in the flowering fields to the utmost one should visit Provence in early July. At the time lavender plantations get deep purple color and turn especially luxurious.

Elegant Butchart Gardens

Traveling Around Largest Flower Plantations
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Amazing place situated in Canada, just 21 km from Victoria Falls, where everyone can relax one’s mind. The garden is famous for its beauty, accuracy and harmony in every corner. It’s hard to believe that some time ago there was just a deserted pit on the place.

Now the area of gardens is about 22 hectares. The Butchart Gardens may be visited at any time —seasonal plants and flowers follow each other throughout the year, so there is always something interesting and beautiful to see in the park.

Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan

Traveling Around Largest Flower Plantations
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The concentration of unique and rare species of plants and flowers from around the world in the park is simply unbelievable! The garden consists of millions of fabulously beautiful flowers.

One of the most famous views of the place is Wisteria tunnels formed of the flowers hanging from special frames like from a ceiling. Everyone who enters the tunnels certainly wants to walk them through to see what is hiding in the end.

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Last updated: 2014-09-01
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