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Dishes of Flowers: 5 Little Tricks

It is well known that the Aztecs, as well as the warriors of ancient Rome and the wise Greeks, practiced decorating dishes they served to their guests with flowers. Later the tradition was seen in the kitchens of Japan, China, Libya and India. Finally, the dishes made of flowers conquered gourmets and connoisseurs of high Italian and French cuisines. Today the edible flowers can be enjoyed in all restaurants of the world.

What edible flowers you know? Of course, you’ll remember dandelion. Undoubtedly, it is one of them. Most of you tried a salad of dandelions or sunny jam made of the plants. The very thought of the field flower brings a smile on one’s face and warm memories of childhood. And there are really so many delicious recipes to cook with dandelion. But there are also a lot of yummies that are cooked of so called precious flowers — for example, of roses. And we do not mean common jam made of tea roses! There is no doubt — it is very tasty and healthy. But let’s talk about the dishes of flowers that could decorate pages of printed bestsellers.

Dishes of Flowers: 5 Little Tricks
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Dishes of Flowers: 5 Little Tricks

That's right, roses and lilies are the most popular among culinary gourmets. And the biggest "Rose Farm" is located in the city of Cuencain Ecuador. There the queen of flowers is grown without chemicals and watered with melt water from the snowy peaks of the Andes. And that is why these roses are popular all over the world not only as just flowers, but also in a form of dishes mad eof them. Many of us know about drinks, salads, wines and jams of rose petals, but only a few are informed that dark sorts are always more fragrant than light ones.

Dishes of Flowers: 5 Little Tricks
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✔Tips for Cooks

  • forest violets have delicate mint flavor. They are good for salads, pasta, fruit desserts and drinks;
  • chrysanthemum is ideal for dietetic nutrition. It can be eaten fresh, stewed as a side dish or even boiled. Its stems and green leaves contain a lot of vitamin C that is helpful to prevent or heal colds;
  • dishes with gladiolus may look like aside dish, salad or something stuffed;
  • marigold has delicious flowers and leaves. They will be a good seasoning for seafood, cheese and omelets;
  • even tulip petals can be fried in batter and added to the meat or fish.

 Dishes of Flowers: 5 Little Tricks
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Don’t overdo!

Just remember: if you or your loved ones have allergies, do not abuse the exotic. Better just give your love a bouquet of flowers!

Use our web site to select and order the most unusual bouquets at any time of a day or night! We’ll be happy to deliver it carefully and promptly to any destination of the world.

Last updated: 2014-09-23
Section: News
Author: 51ROZA.kiev.ua
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