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Overview of the Silliest Gifts, Girls’ Opinion

- What you gave to your husband for Christmas? 

- Blue mink. 

- And what he gave to you? 

- Fishing tackle. (From Internet)

Overview of the Silliest Gifts
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How not to miss with a present for a girl

In most cases men's and women's ideas about perfect gifts differ radically. You can spend a lot of time, efforts, fantasy and money on inventing a creative present. It can meet all of your expectation sof the perfect gift — it may be high-quality, high-profile and useful. But your beloved girl may just sigh, sadly take her eyes away and put it at the furthest shelf.Why does this happen? Not because she is too capricious, but just because girls perceive the very concept of a gift differently.

However, we do not want to confuse men with too much information about women’s psychology. Let us go straight to the list of items you should not give to a girl:

- tableware and kitchenware: no matter how beautiful, expensive or high quality it is,nevertheless, dishes are not a gift for a holiday; a man respecting himself and his woman buys a good pan just like that, not for a special occasion or celebration; the only exception is celebrating of a housewarming;

- perfumes and cosmetics: if you do not know what she uses for sure then better do not risk;

Overview of the Silliest Gifts
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- gifts purchased for another person, or donated but not appropriate for you; if you really want to give your new girl a ring that you selected for your ex, at least do not say it out loud;

- skin or health care products: no anti-cellulite creams, scales or hair loss remedies — unless she gave you a list of the items;

- animals: unless the girl asked you about it, a surprise kitty or pup may become a surprise not as cute as you expected. All in all, she is the one who’ll have to take care of it, take it to veterinary and so on; and what if she is allergic to pets?!

- lingerie: it often becomes a silly gift because men often choose wrong size and/or color;

- household appliances and tools such as drills, screwdrivers or punches.

Overview of the Silliest Gifts
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Do you think that’s all? Nope — we have a few more tips.

If your girl is not an adventurer, it’s rather not wise to give her flashlights, tents, sleeping bags or kayak paddles. And if your girl likes reading, it’s not a reason to give her a lamp. Forget about artificial flowers. Trifles, trinkets, souvenirs and bulky ridiculous vases, vulgar purchases from sex-shops are other things you should not give in all circumstances. Instead of giving all the ugly items better give her a bouquet of flowers with a greeting card — preferably with some nice words from your heart written by your own hand. This gift will be priceless!

Last updated: 2014-09-23
Section: News
Author: 51ROZA.kiev.ua
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